Greater Glasgow and Clyde Medicines

About GGC Medicines

GGC Medicines is a tool to assist in promoting high quality, safe and cost-effective prescribing within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. The website has useful resources for prescribers and patients including:

  • The GGC Adult Medicines Formulary
  • The Adult Therapeutics Handbook: an essential resource for junior medical staff working in NHSGGC
  • Medicines Update blogs offering up to date information to assist prescribers and healthcare professionals
  • Shared Care Agreements
  • Information for patients on access to medicines and other topics
  • Policies relating to medicines in NHSGGC
  • Other non-medicine formularies
  • Prescribing resources and links to other clinical guidelines

GGC Medicines app (Adult Therapeutics Handbook)

The GGC Medicines app is password protected to ensure that it is only used by clinical staff within NHSGGC. The login details are available from the Clinical Info page which only NHSGGC staff can access HERE.

The contents and guidelines from the Adult Therapeutics Handbook can also be accessed without the need for a password by the desktop site which is also viewable on mobile devices.

Clinical Info

January 2021: The Clinical Info page from StaffNet has moved to Sharepoint. This new page should still be automatically accessible to all NHSGGC Staff, but we are aware of some issues following users migrating to new email addresses.  In some cases, staff from NHSGGC may have to request access to this page. This issue is being looked into by eHealth.

COVID-19 Guidelines in the Adult Therapeutics Handbook:

December 2020: The GGC Medicines (Adult Therapeutics Handbook) app and desktop site contains selected approved guidelines for the management of adult patients with COVID-19, including general management, thromboprophylaxis and care for the end of life.  Visit the COVID-19 chapter in the Handbook by clicking HERE