Greater Glasgow and Clyde Medicines

Meet the Team

The CMOP team comprises of pharmacists, academics, data analysts and support staff. We continue to connect and work in collaboration with a wide range of people from other regional NHS Boards and organisations across Scotland. 

Jennifer Laskey

Lead Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist

Professor Marion Bennie

Professor of Pharmacy

Clare Bagley

NCA CMOP Pharmacist

Kelly Baillie

Senior Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist

Maree Brennan

SCAN CMOP Data Analyst

Julie Clarke

Senior Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist


Christine Crearie

Senior Information Analyst



Emma Dunlop

Research Associate

Dr Claudia Geue

Senior Lecturer in Health Economics & Health Technology Assessment


Dr Kimberley Kavanagh

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics & Statistics

Dr Amanj Kurdi

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacy Practice


Alice Li

NCA CMOP Data Analyst

Jennifer McClintick

Clinical Effectiveness Pharmacist



Dr Tanja Mueller

Research Associate

Fionagh Ross

SCAN CMOP Pharmacist

Professor Olivia Wu

William R Lindsay Chair of Health Economics | Director of Health Economics & Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA)