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  • Click here to access the Scottish Gluten-Free Service patient information leaflet
  • Click here to access the Scottish Gluten-Free Service patient information pack
  • Click here for NHS Inform website information on gluten-free diets
  • Click here for the NHS Inform website information on Coeliac disease
  • Click here to access eligibility criteria on the NHS Inform website
  • Click here to access the Gluten-free foods order form
  • Click here to access an interactive Gluten-Free order form that can be completed electronically (still awaiting update 30/05/19)

Following an 18 month trail the Gluten Free Food Service is now a permanent service within NHS Scotland. This service allows eligible patients to register with a community pharmacy of their choice and collect their repeat prescriptions for gluten free foods directly from their pharmacist, rather than having to request individual prescriptions from their GP.

Patients are eligible to register for the Gluten Free Food service, if they are registered with a GP practice in Scotland, have a confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis and do not live in a care home.

Patients will be identified and contacted about the Gluten-Free Food Service by their GP. For those patients wanting to move to this service your GP will complete a patient registration form which records the number of units of gluten free foods you can order through your community pharmacy each month.

The number of units you can order per month is has been agreed nationally and a table containing that information, along with what is meant by a 'unit' can be accessed by clicking here.

Registration with community pharmacy:
Once the GP practice has given you your registration form, you will need to take it to a community pharmacy of your choice so you can be registered. You must stay with the same pharmacy for your gluten free foods unless you move house. If you move house and need to move pharmacy, you must go back to your GP and get a new registration form completed.

Gluten free foods available through your community pharmacy must be chosen from the GGC Gluten-Free Formulary. This is available from your community pharmacy and on this site (click here). Once you have chosen the foods you would like to order, complete an order form (see link at the top of the page) with items up to the maximum number of units you are allowed per month. The community pharmacist will use this form to order your gluten free foods and will contact you when they are ready to collect. You should only submit one order form each month.

Each month, a new order form must be completed and handed in to the pharmacy. You can choose different products each month up to the maximum number of units you have been allocated.

If you are an adult with coeliac disease (not Dermatitis Herpetiformis), when you register at the community pharmacy you will be offered an annual health check. This health check will ensure that you have a good understanding of coeliac disease and how to manage your condition. If any problems or concerns are highlighted the community pharmacy will write back to your GP and ask them to arrange follow up.

What are the benefits of using the service?
• You will have more control over the amount and type of foods you can order each month (up to an agreed amount).
• You will have the convenience of not having to visit the GP each time you need a prescription for gluten free foods.
• You will have more control over the prescribable gluten free foods and variety in your diet.
• You will have the freedom to change your order each month so you can try different foods.