Greater Glasgow and Clyde Medicines

Support garments for the prevention and management of parastomal hernias

Stoma garments prescribed are restricted to those patients who have a clinical need or require additional support as determined by specialist stoma service.

Key messages

  • Patients with clinical need, such as parastomal hernia, which has been confirmed by CT scan, Surgeon or Stoma Clinical Nurse Specialist review, will be referred for fitting appropriate hernia support garments on Scottish Drug Tariff.
  • Patients who do not require hernia support will discuss with Stoma Clinical Nurse Specialist types of underwear they may wish to purchase, from high street retailers or companies such as Vanilla Blush™ at the onset of their treatment.
  • Patients may previously have had Vanilla Blush™ underwear prescribed by practices for comfort and aesthetic reasons. These are no longer available on Scottish Drug Tariff, however, currently remain on English Drug Tariff.
  • PrescQIPP Stoma underwear advice* (log in required) includes useful general advice on the use of underwear. This also includes advice on quantities of underwear which may be prescribed, which does not apply to NHS Scotland.
    *Note, access to PrescQIPP is available for all NHS staff, however, registration is required.
  • If the patient contacts practices for further products, they may be directed to the Stoma Clinical Nurse Specialist to discuss alternative options.
  • The current NHS GGC Stoma Prescribing Guideline is currently under review and will be updated to reflect the latest Scottish Drug Tariff changes.


Published 21/09/2021. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication