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NHSGGC Medicines Information Service – How can Medicines Information support you?

What is Medicines Information (MI)?

The NHSGGC MI enquiry service provides evidence based information and advice to support safe and effective prescribing. The advice is provided in response to specific enquiries and is tailored to individual patients, while taking account of the NHSGGC Formulary and prescribing guidelines.

In addition to the enquiry service, MI also leads on a number of other services and resources including the Adult Therapeutics Handbook, the NHSGGC Formulary, and the Medicines Update blogs.

Who is the MI enquiry service for?

The service can be used by all healthcare professionals working in NHSGGC, in either the Acute or Primary Care setting (including NHS contractors such as GPs, community pharmacies, dental practices and optometrists).

What types of enquiries can MI help with?

MI provides an enquiry answering service on all aspects of drug therapy. This includes enquiries relating to:

  • Administration/dosage, e.g. doses in renal failure, administration of medicines via feeding tubes
  • Adverse effects and drug interactions
  • Choice of therapy (including the evidence base for a particular drug)
  • Drugs in pregnancy and lactation
  • Tablet/capsule identification/identification of foreign medicines (where possible)
  • Parenteral drug compatibility

How can you contact MI?

When you contact MI, ensure you have:

  • a clear question
  • the patient's medical notes and current medicine list to hand (if your enquiry is patient specific)
  • your own contact details to hand (answers can be given by telephone, email or letter)
  • considered the timeframe for your request - enquiries will be prioritised according to clinical urgency and an appropriate deadline for an answer will be discussed and agreed with you.

Contact details

Hours - Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5pm.


Glasgow Royal Infirmary 0141 201 3227 (13227) For general enquiries from the Glasgow area/hospitals                   
Royal Alexandra Hosptial 0141 314 6819 (06819) For general enquiries from the Clyde area/hospitals
Leverndale 0141 211 6478 (46478) For mental health enquiries
Royal Hospital for Children 0141 452 4691 (84691) For paediatric enquiries

Originally published 14/07/2020 and updated 25/05/2021. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.