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VTE – Diagnosis, treatment and prevention

Don’t know where to find guidance on the treatment and prevention of VTE?
Don’t know which patients should receive thromboprophylaxis?
Don’t know how to refer a patient to the anticoagulation service?
Don’t know when to do a thrombophilia screen?
Don’t know which patients with thrombosis should be screened for cancer?

Get these and other questions answered at the Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) site on StaffNet.
A site dedicated to the prevention,diagnosis and management of VTE has recently been introduced onto StaffNet. This is a practical source of information on a wide range of topics relating to thrombosis, including:

  • which patients should undergo a thrombophilia screen
  • how to safely manage warfarin and the direct oral anticoagulants when patients are bleeding or require a surgical procedure
  • how to manage thrombosis in patients with cancer and which patients with venous thrombosis should be screened for cancer.

In addition to GGC guidelines, the site also provides links to relevant national and international guidelines and local, regional and national educational events. For educational events organised by NHSGGC, the slide presentations are available on line as further educational opportunities. Audit tools are also available for those wishing to undertake audits in the prevention and management of venous thromboembolism.

And, perhaps most importantly, the site is easy to find!
Type in ‘DVT’, ‘PE’, ‘VTE’ or ‘venous thromboembolism’ to the search button on StaffNet and this site will always come up as the top ‘Best Bet’ hit.

If you’d like to add the website to your ‘favourites’ this is the url;

VTE guidelines for use in GGC can also be found on the clinical repository section of StaffNet


Published 25/08/17