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Priadel discontinuation update

Key messages:

  • Priadel (lithium carbonate) tablets will remain on the market for the next 5 years
  • Priadel will continue to be the brand of choice within GGC
    • All patients currently prescribed Priadel tablets should continue with treatment and not be switched to an alternative.
    • Any new patients starting lithium treatment should commence with Priadel.
    • For patients currently prescribed a different brand of lithium (e.g Camcolit), the decision to switch to Priadel is at the clinical discretion of the prescriber.


Essential Pharma announced in July 2020 it was withdrawing Priadel tablets from the market from April 2021. An investigation was launched by the Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA) in October 2020. Following this, Essential Pharma paused the withdrawal and entered into price negotiations with Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). The CMA investigation has now concluded and the following conditions have been agreed for the next 5 years:

  • Appropriate and continued supplies of Priadel to the UK on terms agreed with the DHSC
  • CMA will be notified if any plan to divest Priadel to another company
  • Any potential divestment of the supply of Priadel shall be made on terms that ensure that Priadel continues to be supplied in the UK until the end of the period of five years

New prices:

Despite the increase in cost, Priadel is still the most cost effective choice and remains the brand of choice in GGC.

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Old price

New price*
Priadel 400mg tablets (100 tablets) £4.02 £8.50
Priadel 200mg tablets (100 tablets) £2.76 £7.50

*effective from 9th November 2020. Prices obtained from the CMA


Published: 22/01/2021. Medicines Update blogs are correct at time of publication