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Oxypro® - Preferred Brand of Oxycodone MR

Oxypro® is now the NHSGGC preferred brand of modified-release (MR) oxycodone tablets (replacing Longtec®). Several brands of generic oxycodone MR are now available. NHSGGC recommendation is that modified-release controlled drugs should be prescribed by brand name.

  • Morphine remains the preferred choice of strong opioid within NHSGGC
  • Oxycodone use remains second-line restricted to patients in whom morphine is ineffective or not tolerated
  • Modified-release oxycodone should be prescribed as 'Oxypro®'
  • Oxypro® is:
    • bioequivalent with Oxycontin® and Longtec®
    • packaged in child proof blister strips
    • available in a comprehensive range of strengths and all tablets are the same colour as Longtec® and Oxycontin® (only 120mg not available which is infrequently prescribed)
  • Immediate-release oxycodone should continue to be prescribed as 'Shortec®'

Information for Acute Care

  • From December 2019, Oxypro® will be supplied in the Acute sector when existing stocks of Longtec® are exhausted
  • A memo supporting this switch for Acute is available here.

Information for Primary Care

  • Unless there are clinical or patient reasons suggesting otherwise, GPs should prescribe the Oxypro® brand of oxycodone to avoid confusion and ensure consistency of supply across Primary and Acute care.
  • From 1st December 2019, an electronic message will be used on ScriptSwitch® to prompt the change from Longtec®, Oxycontin MR® or oxycodone MR to Oxypro®
  • Community pharmacies have been given one month’s notice to allow management of existing stock.

Enquiries should be directed to: Central Prescribing Team, Clarkston Court; 0141 201 6030;


Published 22/11/19. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.