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DOAC Patient Information Booklet

Revised version now available

Aim of booklet

  • Direct Oral Anticoagulant (DOAC) Patient Information Booklet was developed for use across NHSGGC in 2018. A revised version is now available - more details can be found here.
  • The booklet was developed with the aim of creating a single resource with key safety messages for patients taking DOACs for any indication and is intended to reinforce verbal counseling.
  • Resources from manufacturers are available and contain more detailed information specific to drug and indication. If more detailed advice is required for your patient(s), please refer to the additional materials available for each DOAC via or the individual company websites.

User feedback

  • Overall feedback on the resource to date has been positive. Healthcare professionals responding to a survey report the booklet to be good (58%) or excellent (33%). All patients who responded feel the information is easy to understand. Patient quotes include:
    • Written in fairly simple language. Many of the words and phrases I hear in consultations can be difficult to understand immediately. Reading the booklet at home helped me understand it better.
    • I feel quite confident about the tablet after reading the booklet.
    • If you take ill it lets others know what you're on so it could save your life.
    • My treatment and the communication around it has been excellent. The booklet added to the conversations I had with doctors and nurses has put me at ease and helped me understand side effects and long term effects of my medication. Thank you!
  • Further feedback is welcome - if you have used this resource, we would appreciate if you could complete our short online survey. Please encourage your patients to complete the survey - a link can be found on the inside cover of the booklet and in the new 'tell us your opinion' page at the back.

Changes to the booklet

Key changes to the booklet following a review are summarised below:

Section of booklet Change to content
What if I forget to take my anticoagulant or take the wrong dose? Information added on what to do if a dose of rivaroxaban 15mg twice daily is missed.
Things that may affect your anticoagulant: Other medicines Information on taking a DOAC in combination with warfarin is now clear that this combination should only be for a very short period of time.
Things that may affect your anticoagulant: Alcohol Wording revised and link added on how to provide feedback.
Alert Card Title changed from 'Direct oral anticoagulant' to 'Anticoagulant' Alert Card
Tell us your opinion This is a new page to encourage patients to provide feedback


Hard copies of the booklet are now available across NHSGGC. The process for ordering remains the same and details can be found here.

Published 06/07/2020. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.