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DesmoMelt® dosing advice for paediatrics

Children with nocturnal enuresis are initially commenced on DesmoMelt® (desmopressin) 120 micrograms daily. If this dose is ineffective, parents/carers are advised to double the dose to 240 micrograms daily (i.e by taking two tablets daily using their current supply). Subsequent prescriptions from the GP are generally issued as a 240 microgram tablet (i.e one tablet daily). 

Several incidents have been reported recently, where it has been discovered that parents/carers have been giving 2 x 240 microgram DesmoMelt® tablets.

Key message for healthcare professionals prescribing and supplying DesmoMelt® tablets:

If the dose of DesmoMelt® changes from 120 to 240 micrograms daily and a 240 microgram tablet is prescribed and dispensed, please ensure that parents/carers are aware they should only give one tablet daily.


Published 17/04/19. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.

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