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13 Skin

13.10 Anti-infective skin preparations

13.10.1 Antibacterial preparations Antibacterial preparations only used topically

Preferred list

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/90347.htm


Prescribing Notes:

Used in MRSA eradication therapy as outlined by Infection Control guidelines.  For nasal preparations, see section 12.2.3.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/6120.htm

Total Formulary Antibacterial preparations also used systemically

Preferred list

Prescribing Notes:

For oral preparations, see section 5.1.7.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/6137.htm


Prescribing Notes:

For topical preparations, please refer to 13.6.1.  Metronidazole is available in a range of topical preparations, some of which are licensed for acne rosacea. Consult BNF for further information.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/6143.htm

13.10.2 Antifungal preparations

Preferred list
MICONAZOLE (2% cream)

Restrictions: Restrictions: Excludes Daktarin® powder.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/129051.htm

Total Formulary

Prescribing Notes:

Contains nystatin and chlorhexidine hydrochloride

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/6166.htm

13.10.3 Antiviral preparations

Preferred list
ACICLOVIR (5% cream)

Prescribing Notes:

For oral preparations, see and for eye ointment, see 11.3.3.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/6183.htm

Total Formulary

13.10.4 Parasiticidal preparations

For the treatment of head lice, please refer to the NHSGGC Head Lice Service protocol available on StaffNet (Cut and paste the following link into your web browser to access): http://www.staffnet.ggc.scot.nhs.uk/Acute/Division%20Wide%20Services/Pharmacy%20and%20Prescribing%20Support%20Unit/Community%20Pharmacy/Documents/Head%20Lice%20guidance%20notes%20August%202009.doc

Preferred list

Prescribing Notes:

Preparations contain 4% dimeticone. Hedrin® does not contain a chemical insecticide, but works by encapsulating the head lice, preventing them from functioning.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/129538.htm

Total Formulary

13.10.5 Preparations for minor cuts and abrasions

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