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11 Eye

11.4 Corticosteroids and other anti-inflammatory preparations

11.4.1 Eye-corticosteroids

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Restrictions: Restricted to specialist initiation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5420.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist initiation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5430.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist initiation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5437.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist initiation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5418.htm

DEXAMETHASONE (Intravitreal implant)

Restrictions: For restrictions please see prescribing notes below.

Prescribing Notes:

Restricted to specialist use in adult patients with macular oedema following central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) and in patients with branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) who are not clinically suitable for laser treatment including patients with dense macular haemorrhage or patients who have received and failed on previous laser treatment in accordance with local protocol

Use in the treatment of adults with visual impairment due to diabetic macular oedema who are pseudophakic or who are considered insufficiently responsive to, or unsuitable for non-corticosteroid therapy, is restricted to specialist use only.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/PHP6898-ozurdex.htm?q=ozurdex&t=search&ss=text&p=1#PHP6898-ozurdex

FLUOCINOLONE ACETONIDE (intravitreal implant)

Restrictions: Restricted to specialist use only in patients in whom the affected eye is pseudophakic (has an artificial lens after cataract surgery) and retreatment would take place only if the patient had previously responded to treatment with fluocinolone acetonide and subsequently best corrected visual acuity had deteriorated to less than 20/32.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/PHP33495-iluvien.htm#PHP33495-iluvien


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist initiation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5427.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to specialist initiation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5442.htm

11.4.2 Other anti-inflammatory preparations

Preferred list

Prescribing Notes:

The 2% eye drops are the first-line anti-inflammatory preparation.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/5451.htm


Restrictions: Restricted to second-line when sodium cromoglicate is ineffective or not tolerated.

BNF Link: http://www.medicinescomplete.com/mc/bnf/current/128047.htm

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