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Xaggitin® XL (Methylphenidate M/R Tablets)

Xaggitin® XL- Preferred Brand Methylphenidate M/R Tablets

Key messages

  • Xaggitin® XL is now the preferred brand of methylphenidate prolonged-release tablets and should be prescribed across all care settings instead of Concerta®  XL
  • Xaggitin® XL prolonged-release tablets are available in the same range of strengths as Concerta®  XL
  • Patients on Concerta®  XL can be safely switched to Xaggitin®  XL as there is no clinical difference between the two brands and they are considered therapeutically equivalent
  • Prescribe all modified release preparations of methylphenidate by brand name
  • No change in symptom control is expected and the change has been endorsed by local child and adolescent and adult mental health specialists

Primary Care Switch Implementation

  • Community pharmacists and prescribers have been made aware of this recommendation.
  • From the end of February 2018, prescribing support staff will support the switching of therapy to Xaggitin®  XL from Concerta® XL in GP practices, where appropriate.

 Secondary Care Implementation

  • Pharmacists and prescribers have received a memo advising them of this change in practice (see here)



Published 21/03/18