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Thickening of Liquid Medications

Patients with dysphagia who are on thickened fluids to reduce the risk of choking, will also require any large volume liquid medications, eg Laxido® to be thickened. All liquids given to a dysphagic patient should be thickened to the appropriate viscosity (stage) as recommended by the patient's Speech and Language Therapist.


NHSGGC's preferred thickener for patients over the age of three years is Nutilis Clear®; a gum based thickener. Nutilis Clear is licensed to thicken food and drinks not medicines, so thickening of any liquid medications to the recommended viscosity may require more or less thickener than is stated in the instructions on the side of the tin. Any thickening of a liquid medicine is using the medication off label and as such prescribing should be in line with the principles of NHSGGC Unlicensed Medicines Policy. For more information, contact the Central Prescribing Team.