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Therapeutics Handbook Update June 2019

The Adult Therapeutics Handbook content has now been updated. Several sections have had minor content updates. Other changes include:

Variable rate intravenous insulin infusion (VRIII) 

This guideline has been revised following the roll out of the new GGC-approved VRIII guideline and chart (StaffNet links), for ADULT patients. This replaces the 'insulin sliding scale' guideline (and associated charts) and should be used in both medical and surgical patients (excluded patient groups are children, pregnancy, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) or Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar State (HHS) / Hyperosmolar Non-Ketotic Coma (HONC)).

Management of decompensated liver disease

The preferred antibiotics for the prophylaxis of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) have been updated.

Cardiovascular System 

Stroke guidelines have been updated with revised anti-platelet durations. This includes the Secondary prevention of stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) guideline where aspirin 300mg daily is now recommended for 14 days prior to clopidogrel 75mg daily.

Please familiarise yourself with the above guidelines as appropriate and if you have not already done so update your App on receipt of the notification. If you are not able to update your App then please refer to the GGC Medicines desktop site here as the website content is always live with the most up to date information. For more information or assistance with any aspect of the GGC Medicines app or Therapeutics Handbook please contact therapeutics.handbook@ggc.scot.nhs.uk.


Published 09/07/2019. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.