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PostScript 79 (Jan 2014) Oxycodone MR

Oxycodone Product of Choice

Several branded generic preparations of modified release (MR) oxycodone are now available. Longtec® was awarded the NHS Scotland acute care national contract and is the NHSGGC brand of choice. It will be supplied in the acute sector from January 2014. NHSGGC policy is that MR controlled drugs should be prescribed by brand name to minimise confusion and ensure consistency of supply across primary and secondary care.


Key points

  • Morphine remains the preferred choice of strong opioid
  • Oxycodone is restricted for use in patients when morphine is ineffective or not tolerated.
  • Modified release oxycodone should be prescribed as Longtec® tablets.
  • Immediate release oxycodone capsules or liquid should be prescribed generically. Any brand may be supplied.
  • GP practices and community pharmacies started implementing this switch during December.
  • Palliative care teams have been made aware of this change.
  • Patients admitted to hospital on Oxycontin® can be safely switched to Longtec®.

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