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Nutritional supplements on the Kardex

Dietitians can now add an ‘instruction to administer’ an oral nutritional supplement (ONS) to the Kardex (click here for the NHSGGC policy (on StaffNet)).

The policy aims to support structured and efficient use of ONS in line with HIS Standards for Food, Fluid and Nutritional Care and the NHSGGC Food in Hospital agenda. It outlines that the most appropriate place to record that an ONS requires to be administered, as part of a nutritional care plan, is on the Kardex. From January 2020, dietitians working within Acute (adults and paediatrics) and Mental Health in-patient services across NHSGGC, will be able to document their recommendations directly onto the Kardex.

Key points:

  • Following nutritional assessment, dietitians will be able to initiate and discontinue ONS within the Kardex
  • Dietitians will state ‘Do not add to IDL’ on the kardex. Dietitian will organise appropriate discharge ONS if required
  • Any items listed in the NHSGGC Oral and Enteral Nutrition Formulary can be requested to be administered. The Adults and Older Children ONS and the Infant and Paediatrics ONS formularies can be found on this website http://www.ggcprescribing.org.uk/non-medicines-formularies/
  • ONS products administered via NG or gastrostomy tubes (i.e. bolus feeding) are not currently included in this policy; continue to use existing process for the management of this patient group
  • Dietitians are unable to re-write kardexes, stop, add or amend any item other than ONS to a kardex
  • Prescribers may continue to prescribe ONS if no nutritional assessment is required e.g. patients admitted from home on established ONS and considered stable

Please contact your local Dietetic department for advice as required:


Adult Acute


Mental Health

GRI – 0141 211 4318

IRH – 01475 504 313

QEUH – 0141 451 6243

RAH – 0141 314 6808

W0SCC – 0141 201 7005

GGH – call GRI or QEUH

Stobhill: 0141 201 3911

Leverndale: 0141 211 6424

Gartnavel Royal: 0141 211 3685

Dykebar: 0141 314 4118

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Services1: 0141 211 3546 /0141 232 2217

Forensic Services Leverndale: 0141 232 6422

Forensic Services Rowan Bank: 0141 211 6445

Adult Eating Disorder Services:  0141 232 7055



0141 451 6443

1Glasgow City inc. East and West Dun and East Renfrewshire



Published 23/03/2020. Medicines Update blogs are correct at the time of publication.