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Guideline News Sept 2018

Updated Adult NHSGGC Guidelines now available on StaffNet

IV to oral antibiotic switch therapy (IVOST)

Investigation and management of heart failure

Asthma guidelines, Primary Care

Chronic pain management in Primary Care

Crohn’s Disease use of biological agents

Fracture surgery, Management of DOAC, warfarin or anti-platelet medication

High dose antipsychotic monitoring policy


SIGN guidelines

Cardiac arrhythmias in coronary heart disease No 152


NICE clinical guidelines*

Diagnosis and management of chronic heart failure NG106

*NICE Guidelines are developed for prescribers in NHS England and Wales and as such may not always follow NHS Scotland prescribing policy e.g. SMC advice.  They should always be used in conjunction with relevant NHSGGC Formulary and Clinical Guidelines.


Published 10/10/18