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Blood Glucose Testing

The MHRA has issued an alert on potential for incorrect reading with Accu-Chek® Mobile meter and Accu-Chek Mobile test cassette. These may give falsely high readings if the specific testing procedure is not followed and, as a consequence, patients may administer insulin when they don’t need it. Patients should be advised to follow the specific testing procedure, which includes making sure that they clean and dry their hands before testing and apply the blood droplet immediately in a steady motion within the testing area, without pressing on it.


The Diabetes MCN established a multidisciplinary review group including patient representatives, to review blood glucose meter systems and to consider options for preferred meters for patient groups with non-complex type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, insulin treated type 2 diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy.


The outcome of this review process is near completion. The MCN are also reviewing the current blood glucose monitoring guidelines and producing a patient information leaflet on good practice for self monitoring blood glucose. This will endorse the recommendations in the alert on good hand hygiene.